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I grew up in the aisles of a retail store watching my parents care for customers in a particular way that I have not experienced many times since. The way that my mom found common ground and connected stories with strangers to make them feel heard, seen & valued. The way my dad’s presence comforted each person that walked the long basketweave path back to the pharmacy where he listened, counseled & encouraged everyone. When Jim jumped out of his seat to start a conversation & Janette quickly emerged from behind the computer screen to join in on the new relationship I was thrown back to the days in the aisles of my youth. After searching for years to find not just the right fit for our particular business need, but the people to support… I was relieved to feel like my choice will make a difference in a family not much different than my own. My choice to support this business with my orders, my special requests and much needed feedback on my designs was an important one. Our choices make a difference to the small businesses in our community.

Janette & Jim Sloss are in the business of helping & caring for others. Creating signs and images for businesses (& individuals) like ours is their trade. I have been the beneficiary of their services for over a decade and feel they are one of the best in the Kansas City Metro. I have had yard signs, large window & wall decals, stickers & commercial signs all made by their fantastic team (Dennis, Shelby & Alex).

They have been serving small businesses like ours for over two decades and create many of the large signs & banners for the Royals & Chiefs on game days. Go Royals! Go Chiefs!

If you are looking for a local professional to handle your next sign project (large or small) you can go to their website and find their contact information:

6180 Barkley St, Mission, KS 66202

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Sing Pro of Overland Park Jim Schloss - Owner Janette Schloss - Owner

Being a true mom and pop organization, we can relate to the small businesses in our community and will do whatever is necessary to accommodate them. We have been blessed with a great staff of workers that make coming to work every day something to look forward to.
Another benefit of owning a small business are the great customers you see and get to talk to over the years.

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