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Our agents are pioneers and servants to social activism & philanthropic endeavors unlike any group of agents, team or brokerage in Kansas City.


Many of our agents come from social service backgrounds that focused on serving the marginalized populations in our communities. Others serve as community leaders for equality, tolerance & reconciliation. Others work for faith or service based organizations that give their time & resources to aims that are focused on helping, serving & giving. All of our agents continue to serve those communities & pursuits while functioning as real estate professionals.


In addition to being one of the last locally-owned real estate brokerages in the Kansas City region*, Our team of Real Estate Professionals are the best in the business. 


Any chance we have to use local vendors, resources and small businesses….we do. Supporting you neighbors, family & friends starts with a simple choice: Choose Local. 


Choose Local Agent


*Most of the big brokers in town are owned by larger corporate entities that are not located in Kansas City.

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