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Choosing a trail worthy guide is the most important aspect of being led into new territories. Many people purchase only one home in their lifetime and it is by far the most expensive purchase they will ever make. It is important to know what you are getting yourself into before you start on the journey.

A qualified real estate agent will work hardest at knowing what you want before they send you any information about a home. A qualified agent will show you homes that don’t offer a commission simply because it just might be your dream home. A qualified agent follows the law and abides by a code of ethics so that you know you can trust them. A qualified agent knows how to negotiate the best deal for their clients and makes certain the transaction moves smoothly.

We have high standards and expectations of the professionals we promote. Each member of the Local Agent Team is equipped with all the qualities necessary to serve today’s buyer (you).


Today a Realtor® needs to go beyond planting a sign in your front yard and running an occasional ad in the newspaper. Local Agent does more than most companies to expose your home to potential home buyers. Our goal is to be certain that every serious home buyer in the market knows your home is available whether that buyer is looking on his own or through another agent, whether that buyer is looking on the Internet or driving through neighborhoods.

We have amazing agents who will guide you through the entire process with professional representation and seamless efficiency. Local Agent is a full service brokerage that values trust, integrity and ethics with our clients and prospective buyers.

We  recognize that you are starting a journey away from what has been home to you and all the complicating emotions and decisions that accompany such a journey. We provide the best environment possible to make the transition easier for your family. From start to finish, we will be there for the hard questions and tough decisions with your best interest in mind. That is our commitment.


Local Agent buys, sells and improves real estate investment properties in the greater Kansas City Metro Area. We have team members that specialize in multi-unit housing and facilitate the acquisition, rehabilitation & improvements (as needed) of investment properties for our investment clientele.

Local Agent provides professional representation of the Kansas City metro real estate market. Our clients depend on expert analysis and knowledge of the local investment market. One word can describe the investment market in Kansas City: Diverse. The greater Kansas City is a checkerboard of values and some areas can be extremely polarized from one street to the next. Each side of the State Line (Kansas & Missouri State Line) has diverse communities in terms of values, obsolescence, rental demand, tenant demographics that all factor into the most difficult place to invest without an expert to assist.

That is why our Local Agent team provides more than just logistical coordination of your investment acquisition, we provide the knowledge required to assist in making your decision to invest in the area the absolute best decision in the long term. We have facilitated 1031 tax exchanges, long & short term growth acquisitions, rehabilitations & flips, retirement vehicles, commercial acquisitions & development, as well as business acquisitions.